Bureau Veritas Hungary is certifying partner of Access4you (A4U) from March 2023.


According to EU statistics, about 15% of the society, i.e. every 6th person, has some special needs due to their health conditions. The shortcomings of the built environment are a challenge: people with disabilities constantly face obstacles during their daily activities. The problem often comes from the fact that by accessibility everyone means something different and there is no common language existing. A4U certification offers a solution to this problem.


A4U certification certifies the accessibility of the built environment. It aims to provide detailed and reliable information on the accessibility of buildings thus enabling people with special needs to live an active, more predictable life. It also provides building owners and operators with insights to further develop their facilities. A4U strives to create an inclusive, sustainable, and collaborative social environment.

The pillars of the A4U system are:

  • It measures the needs of 9 affected groups: people in wheelchairs, with strollers, elderly people with limited mobility, people with low vision, blindness, hard of hearing, deafness, cognitive impairment, and with assistance dogs.
  • It assesses and qualifies the various locations, buildings and community spaces already in the planning phase, as well as after the handover, and then classifies them into 4 categories based on its accredited criteria: Certified site, Bronze, Silver or Gold Grade Certification.
  • After the audit, Bureau Veritas Hungary issues a certificate, which is renewable every 3 years and can be maintained with a monthly trademark usage fee.
  • The up-to-date list of certified locations is available and searchable via the https://access4you.io website or mobile application.
  • It is a unique certification system on the European market, which provides data with users a reliable database through mobile application and on its website.
  • The A4U rating system is protected by a European certification mark.
  • 'S', i.e. 'social', can be a measurable element of your company’s or enterprise’s ESG goals.
  • It can contribute to the usability and technical value of the property.
  • It provides support to overcome labor shortages and has a retaining power.

Products available through Bureau Veritas:

  • Access4you Building
  • Access4you Workplace 
  • Access4you Event
  • Access4you Design
  • Access4you Home Design

A4U database already includes 700 locations in 23 countries. The range of certified venues is constantly increasing, among them office buildings, shopping centers and business buildings, cultural and sports facilities, health care institutions, service facilities, transport hubs and stops, restaurants and catering establishments, hotels and accommodations, etc. .

Guidelines for trademark communication for certified locations can be found here.

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  • Allows an easier planning of the everyday life activities.
  • Enables a more dignified life: freedom of expression and movement.
  • Maximizes physical and mental health.
  • Provides the possibility of becoming an integral part of society and community: it paves the accessibility of human relationships.

For Gold Certification, it means:

  • The venue is accessible to all groups with special needs.
  • The main service of the site is conveniently accessible.
  • The main functions of the site can be used inclusively.

We have more than 100,000 certified customers in 140 countries that ensures our global leadership. Our auditors in all countries strive to better understand customer needs and establish close working relationships with them.

Bureau Veritas is one of the most widely recognized by certification bodies, with more than 30 international accreditations.

Global network
Bureau Veritas is present in 140 countries. This allows international companies to use the same certification company for all their representatives.

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